Discover how HomeCube can alleviate your concerns with solar panels!

At the beginning of this year, Milieu Centraal estimated the cost for a set of ten solar panels at €7,500, but due to decreased demand, the same ten solar panels now cost only €5,000. Thanks to this price reduction, the payback period of solar panels has been shortened from eight to just six years. We explain the causes of this price drop in this article.


Phasing Out of Net Metering

Many people hesitate to purchase solar panels fearing that it will no longer be profitable. The biggest reason for this is due to the phasing out of the net metering scheme. With the phasing out of the net metering scheme, it becomes less attractive to get solar panels because returning (excess) solar energy to the grid no longer yields returns or will cost money. Because this regulation currently creates uncertainty, consumers are now less likely to take the risk of acquiring solar panels.


With HomeCube, the phasing out of the net metering scheme becomes less relevant. HomeCube can automatically start your washing machine, dishwasher, and/or charge your electric car during times when a lot of energy is generated. Because HomeCube does this automatically for you, you can use as much of your own generated energy as possible when the supply is high. By using this energy when it is self-generated, you do not need to turn on high-consuming appliances at times when little is generated.


Feed-in Tariff from Energy Supplier

Apart from net metering, several energy suppliers are going to introduce a tariff where you have to pay if your household generates more energy than it consumes. So if you have a number of solar panels and you do not use the generated electricity during times of high production, you will have to pay a tariff to your energy supplier.


HomeCube can automate and optimize the energy processes in your home, so you need to feed back as little as possible to the grid. Through HomeCube, you can set certain high-energy-consuming appliances to automatically turn on at the most favorable time. This ensures that you feed back less, thereby paying fewer tariffs and needing to take less energy from the grid when your panels are not generating.


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