Energy saving tips: quick and affordable ways to save energy

At HomeCube, we are constantly striving to save energy and contribute to a greener future. While HomeCube can help optimize your energy usage, it's always wise to follow other tips to minimize your energy consumption. Here are some of our favorite recommendations:

Replace Your Bulbs with LED Lights

LED lights are significantly more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights convert almost all of their electricity into light without wasting much energy on generating heat. Although LED lights are generally slightly more expensive, they can last up to 25 times longer.

Be Aware of standby consumption

Devices in standby mode continue to consume electricity, which can add up to 450 kWh per year in most households, resulting in approximately €175.00 in (unnecessary) costs. To prevent this, you can unplug devices from the socket. However, using power strips with an on/off switch makes it easier to turn off multiple devices at once.

Opt for Appliances with a Sustainable Energy Label

While you don't need to replace all your electronic devices immediately, it's wise to consider purchasing new electronic devices with a high energy label, such as A++ or A+++. Despite the initial cost, you can often recoup the extra investment through long-term energy savings.

Maintain Your Appliances

Check the seals on the doors of your refrigerator or freezer for cracks and wear. Worn seals can leak cold air, leading to higher energy consumption. For air conditioners, it's advisable to regularly replace the air filter for smoother airflow. If you have a washing machine, ensure a clean lint filter, as it optimizes water flow and reduces energy consumption.

Smart Technology

And as the icing on the cake, here's our favorite tip! HomeCube is a truly handy buddy when it comes to smart technology. It connects all your smart devices and provides insights into your energy consumption so you can make smarter choices. But that's not all, because HomeCube can also automate tasks for you, such as starting appliances like your washing machine or dishwasher when energy prices are most favorable. This is especially useful if you have a dynamic energy contract or if you want to maximize the use of your own energy generators, such as solar panels.

These energy-saving tips can be useful for achieving small savings. In a time of increasing awareness of sustainability and efficient energy consumption, remember: every little bit helps. Collaborating for a greener, more efficient future remains important.

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